Kiwis are attending more live events than ever before. However, unless your events effortlessly sell out minutes after your on-sale, it’s very important to have a strategy and allocate a realistic budget for marketing and advertising your event.

Don’t try and do it at the last minute!

Planning well in advance gives your event a better chance at success. Gain momentum early and maintain it throughout your sale – hirers who get their marketing collateral to the public at least two months before the show tend to create more awareness and sell more tickets.

To improve the follow-up of your event, you should make a checklist of everything that needs to be done, put this in a table, with a timeline to keep track of when tasks should be done.

If you need any support of more information, you can visit our Hirer’s Guide or contact to set up a meeting.

The PumpHouse Theatre – Hirer’s Guide

The PumpHouse Theatre – Checklist Sample