Press and Media Release

Crafting a great media release is the first, and arguably one of the most important, steps in effectively advertising your show.

  1. Create Your Press Release

You will need to spend countless hours putting together the following:

  • An article around 400 words with a hook. It should be something the journalist can use and repurpose, i.e. written how you’d want to find it in a publication! If you are planning on learning how to write a press release, it all starts by having a creative, attention-grabbing headline and sub-headline.
  • A short blurb or event description, around 100 words for their event listings.
  • Details such as event dates, prices, booking information (incl. URL), contact details and those of the cast.
  • Extras: Images (very important), posters, headshots of key figures, written interviews, rehearsal photos etc. Try to use high resolution images in a variety of different sizes to give them plenty of options!

Before sending that email, pause and think about the best recipient for your story idea and how to reach them. You want to ensure that your press release has the best impact on the customer experience for your business it can, so keep this in mind.

  1. Personalise Your Email

Journalists know when your media release and accompanying email isn’t targeted to them and you’ll quickly ruin your relationship before it begins.

Use our media list to contact both local and national media publications, and make sure you write a direct and personal email to them.

  1. Follow Up

Respect a journalist’s right to decide if they are interested in covering the story or not.

Give them a few days to review the press release, and then follow up via email. If you don’t hear from them after a follow-up, assume they aren’t interested in what you’re offering at this time.

Click and download the full media list here:

The PumpHouse Theatre – Media contacts

NB. Although the phone pitch is a highly-debated industry topic, most journalists wish people would stop calling them to pitch story ideas. Stick to email and provide your own contact details

Ten Tips To Make Sure Your Press Release Fails!
By Bill Bennett

Want to write a terrible press release? Well Bill Bennett has received thousands!