Marketing During Showtime

Advertising your show doesn’t end on opening night. Pre sales (i.e. ticket sales before opening night) are great, but on average, 50% of patrons buy their tickets to a show the day before. Marketing during showtime may feel unusual but it is a vital strategy towards meeting your sales objectives. Many patrons will wait for reviews, performance photos and even weather forecasts before committing to purchasing tickets. To maximize last minute sales, you need to incentivise your audience.

Consider hiring a professional photographer for your dress rehearsal or opening night; take some pictures of the performance, capture the atmosphere and the environment both on stage, backstage and in the audience. Try to unveil the magic of your show while keeping everyone in suspense. You could create some teaser videos to re interest prospective customers and convert them into patrons.

Finally, on the opening night you should create a ‘comps’ list of anyone who has been involved in the show, as well as as reviewers, journalists and people who could spread the word.

Now enjoy the fruits of your labour!