I’m the Cat’s Meeeeeow!

Hi Peoples,

It’s me, Tiger, The PumpHouse Cat. I’ve had a super busy year making sure there are no mice here at the theatre. My friends here are very happy with all the rodent-scaring work I’ve done and I’m looking forward to catching a few extra naps on the roof over the next few weeks of holidays.

There have been thousands of visitors to the park, human and animal, for me to keep an eye on (from a distance of course). This year, I’ve had a few problems with ants invading my house on a regular basis which is very annoying because they get into my supper dish and make my food taste horrible. My friends here at The PumpHouse help me to get rid of them but I don’t like the smell of the anti-ant spray. Still, I suppose it’s better than Fancy Feast with ant gravy. And fleas aren’t a problem for me because I know I wear a great flea collar for cats to keep those particular pests at bay!

And during winter, there was another cheeky intruder, a fat cat who was seen on the CCTV camera breaking into my house and stealing my food. I called him Tubby Tabby. He’s stopped his robberies now though, he must have seen me looking very big and tough one night. Here he is, caught on camera. How dare he!

There were quite a few ducklings and cygnets in the park during Spring. I chased some ducklings one day but they’re too quick for me and they got to the lake before I could get to them. I don’t like admitting to not being good at stuff but actually I’m no good at catching birds on account of my wonky leg.

My friends here at the theatre have been very busy too. They’ve hardly had any time to give me pats and attention. The main theatre has been so full of people doing shows that there’s hardly been a chance for me to stand on the stage and sing – which is something I always like to do. But there were lots of children’s theatre shows that I sang along to, three stage sets with very comfy chairs and sofas that I slept on and some outdoor productions that I interrupted with some quality Shakespearean meowing.

I usually get a round of ap-paws for my efforts.

So anyway, my friends here have asked me to tell you that The PumpHouse will be closed for the holidays between December 23rd and January 9th. Tickets can still be booked online during this time.

Don’t worry about me. My friends will take turns popping in to feed me and give me some pats. And I’ll be awake all night on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa Claws – I’ve asked him for another year of good health and happiness for me and all of you.

A big Meowwy Christmas and a rodent-free New Year to everyone

I’m feline a bit sleepy now so I might go take another nap on the roof.

Love from me, Tiger, the best theatre cat in the entire world.


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