How to Book

Everything you need to know about booking tickets to shows at The PumpHouse Theatre.

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All the contact details you need to get hold of us to talk about your tickets, hiring the venue or anything else.


We strive to ensure that everyone can enjoy events at The PumpHouse Theatre. Find out how we make the venue more assessable.


There are over 500 car parks within 10 minutes’ walk of The PumpHouse Theatre.

Where to Sit

Seat descriptions and photos of the view from different parts of the theatre.

Book a School Group

If you are bringing a group to a show at The PumpHouse you’ll find everything you need to know here. From how to book to answer to those tricky health and safety questions.

French Rendez-vous Café

Experience the fabulous French cuisine at the French Rendez-vous Café during the day or before the show.