Keeping creative during a lockdown

From the safety of their bubbles, members of The PumpHouse Theatre whānau – from beginner actors, to professional actors, to non-actors and even talented pets – have “come together” to present you with their take on some well-known monologues!

Each person was given part of the monologue to work on, and had creative freedom to do whatever they liked with it.

The Seven Ages of Man by William Shakespeare

Performers: Isaac Martin, Bess Brookes, Stuart Tupp, Aimee Olivia, Monique Rabie, Max Easey, Mark Wilson, Jordan Henare, Denise Snoad, Calum Hughes, Mags Delaney, and Meg Sara Andrews

Lady Macbeth’s Sleepwalking Scene by William Shakespeare

Performers: Alex Medland, Bess Brookes, Terri Mellender, Denise Snoad, Monique Rabie, Aimee Olivia, Mags Delaney, Anne Sophie Musset, Sheril Wani Loke, Tashie Andrews, Chelsea Carthew, Sofie Gabriel, and Meg Sara Andrews

Excerpt from Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas

Performers: Steph Curtis, Sherrie Plant, Terry Hooper, Fleur Hooper-Gestro, Evie Hooper, Eleanor Dorn, Jasnish Gujral, Stormi, Monique Rabie, Stephen Curtis, Christopher Raven, Rhea Mae Taylor, Kim Kindley, Lauren Wilson, Kutumi Lefferts and Charlie Curtis

Excerpt from the one-act play Crave by Sarah Kane

Performers: Matthew Diesch, Mikayla Morgan, Kristof Haines, Steph Curtis, Natasha Kay Senior, Sofie Gabriel, Lauren Middleton, Meg Sara Andrews, Charlotte Robinson, Max Easey, Āria Harrison-Sparke, Thom Ding, Chloe Patterson, Stephen Curtis, Pru Andrews

Benedick from Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare

Performers: Natasha Kay Senior, Kristof Haines, Kim Kindley, Luke Thornborough, Ihaka Piripi, Āria Harrison-Sparke, Phillippa Hibbs, Tasha Wehrle

Julia from The Two Gentlemen of Verona by William Shakespeare

Performers: Kat Glass, Āria Harrison-Sparke, Kim Kindley, Tasha Wehrle, Natasha Kay Senior, Phillippa Hibbs, Rhiannon Hadlow

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore

Performers: Terry Hooper, Denise Snoad, Rhiannon Hadlow, Anne Sophie, Kutumi Lefferts, Bess Brookes, Sheril Wani Loke, Meg Sara Andrews, Jordan Henare, Christopher Raven, Āmi Ōriwia, Kim Kindley, Cous Cous the Bunny, Mark Wilson, Matthew Diesch

Music: This is Christmas by Scott Holmes Music,

The Yoga Fart by Gabriel Davis

Talent: Adele Tunnicliff, Mani Shokravi, Clarice de Toledo, Bess Brookes, Jonathan Gabriel, Christina Sieberhagen, Marie Mills, Lauren Wilson, Kim Kindley
Music: Scott Holmes Music,

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe

Talent: Matthew Diesch, Steph Curtis, Kate Milkow, Bess Brookes, Max Easey, Kim Kindley, Cous Cous the Bunny, Meg Sara Andrews, Mark Wilson, Jonathan Gabriel, Lauren Wilson, Ricky McConnell the Dog, Mags Delaney, Jordan Henare
Music: Serge Quadrado,

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