The PumpHouse Theatre has a comprehensive Health and Safety Policy to ensure our staff, contractors, hirers and patrons can enjoy a safe visit to the theatre.

A theatre production can be riskier than you think and we all have a role to play in making sure we all stay safe.

The following documents provide some guidance but note that they have not been prepared by The PumpHouse Theatre. You should also contact the relevant authority for the most up to date safety information and best practice guidelines.

PumpHouse Theatre Health and Safety Requirements

If you are hiring the theatre for a number of days and haven’t booked a PumpHouse Duty Manager, you’ll need to provide us with the following documents before you can access the theatre:

  • A copy of your organisations Health and Safety policy
  • A hazard register specific to your show or performance
  • Details of the person/people who are responsible for Health and Safety and who will be on site at all times.

This will help us ensure you have sound Health and Safety practices in place.

Reporting Accidents

It’s important that all accidents (including near-misses) are reported to ensure The PumpHouse remains a safe venue.

Submit an Incident Report

If someone was seriously hurt you may need to report the accident to WorkSafe NZ immediately.
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