Auckland Fringe Festival comes to The PumpHouse

The Auckland Fringe Festival is a huge benefit to local artists, venues, production companies and above all, audiences. This festival is so important to our local community, because it gives aspiring artists an opportunity to showcase their work and gives our future production teams the professional experience they need.

The PumpHouse is proud to be an official venue for the Auckland Fringe Festival 2019 and to host five unmissable events. Why are they unmissable? Because these shows offer our audiences something new and different. Plus, they show off the incredible local talent we have here in Auckland.

Embrace the new and attend a Fringe show at The PumpHouse this month!

Oil and Water, Tues 19th February at 7:30pm. This show really encompasses everything that’s great about the Fringe. It’s a variety show; a devised performance of music, theatre, dance, comedy and poetry all centred around the theme of ‘Oil and Water’. Artists will engage with the theme individually in separate sketches to give you a thought-provoking, entertaining experience.

The Significant Stripper, Wed 20th – Thurs 21st February at 9pm. Tessa is an entertainer with a difference. She will be entertaining you with a cheeky stripagram that is a funny sexy, but not sexual, show. She is the only Fatagram in New Zealand and this big bold cheeky woman performs with passion, enjoyment and big laughs.

10 Years a Comedian, 3 in a Skirt, Wed 20th – Thurs 21st February at 7:30pm. Since 2008 Julia has been regularly performing comedy, covering topics as diverse as chicken sashimi & almond milk. In late 2015 she gave up the unequal fight and came out as a transgender woman, then started again with new material to reflect her transgender status. Julia will be performing six comedic acts from her first ten years as a comedian.

Tango Project, ‘Milonga De Cuatro’, Sun 24th February at 1pm and 3pm. This show gets together four independent musicians who were attracted by music from the most talented composers of Argentine Tango.

Lovepuke, Wed 27th Feb – Sat 2nd Mar at 8pm. Lovepuke is a raunchy and intense romp through the triumphs and pitfalls of the dating scene. Written by New Zealand playwright Duncan Sarkies (Scarfies, Flight of the Conchords) in the 90s, this one act play still has interesting things to say about love, sex and relationships.

Also on Sat 23rd February at 7:45pm, don’t miss Dominic Blaazer and the Maximum Philharmonic Orchestra. After a packed house and superb reviews last year, Dominic and his talented 10-piece orchestra return for an evening of tight, melodic and poetic tunes.

Shakespeare in the Park Champions Inclusivity

Meet Ayesha.  Ayesha is a part time English teacher at Auckland Uni and has performed the role of Mistress Quickly (the role she reprises in our production) 49 years ago with the Shakespeare Society at St Stephens College at Delhi University.  She recently performed in one other play in NZ – Dara (at TAPAC) A play based on a period of Indian history.

Meet Miriana. One of our youngest performers having just completed year 13 – she’s performed pretty much continuously through school and local community theatre this last year.  She’s just finished treading the Devonport boards with her dad, comedian Willi De Wit in a self devised piece which they hope to resurrect for the comedy festival next year.

Meet Alice.  Born in China, she moved to NZ in the mid 90’s.  Shy as a small girl and disliking performing on stage, High School has seen her find her inner performer playing jazz piano at a talent quest.  Since then she has done a few commercials and participated in a competition for a TV presenter contract with Phoenix television in Hong Kong

Meet Duncan.  A UK export from Manchester, and having lived in NZ for just over a year, he is now a fully-fledged teacher having been snapped up by Sylvia Park school where he kicks off next year.   Acting came by accident to this Mancunian where he filled in for a friend at Uni when someone dropped out of the Crucible.  This will be Duncan’s third Shakespeare with Shoreside.

Our cast is an eclectic bunch.  Amongst us is an architect, a school administrator, a transport planner, teachers, school kids and a couple of retired folk.  And that’s where the magic of community theatre casts its spell.  It brings together a group of people, perhaps not likely to mix under usual circumstances and it throws them together – linked by a desire to perform.  Lob in a love of the bard and you have our two casts for the annual Outdoor Summer Shakespeare. 

No one gets paid.  People car pool, bus or bum rides to get to rehearsals.  Sometimes the paying job means you don’t quite make it to rehearsals.  Some offer props, or offer to make props or manage to obtain some small sponsorship to purchase props – usually from a supportive boss or through a family member.  Don’t quite know how many we’ll have to paint our set, but someone will put their hand up once the working bee is announced.

For Shoreside Theatre, our Outdoor Summer Shakespeare draws the most attendees to audition.  Why is that?  The fact of the matter is that Shakespeare writes for every(wo)man.  There is invariably a role for somebody, and invariably a somebody for that role.  It’s where men can play women and women can play men old can play young and young can play old.  It’s where people can sing and dance.  There’s dress ups, there’s fights, there’s love and hate and most of all – a collective creative process that is actually quite addictive for the performer – young and old, experienced and inexperienced.  It means that Shakespeare is the perfect fit for community theatre.

We are lucky at Shoreside Theatre. With the advent of the Pop up Globe, we have seen some regular Auckland based Shakespeare shows fall by the wayside – the University Summer Shakespeare is one popular one that has bowed out.  And to be honest, we’re not too sure how long we will be able to offer our season.  It’s not easy to compete without the marketing budget, the professional expertise, the corporate sponsorship.

But we are buoyed by the belief that there is space for us because there are a couple of reasons this local, amateur show is a great choice for an audience. By attending, you’re supporting the community – your family, your friends, your peers; we are a much less expensive option; and our lovely venue, The Amphitheatre at The Pumphouse, offers not only a rather charming intimate outdoor summer setting, but everyone gets a seat!

Enjoy the fun of theatre these school holidays

Kids can experience performing in a real theatre this summer at The PumpHouse Theatre. Join the Summer Holiday Drama Programme for two weeks of fun and performance.

Each day the group will be working towards a performance at the end of the session whilst learning confidence building, communication and drama skills. The programme is designed so your child can come for any set amount of days – whether that’s one day, a few days or two weeks!

Explore the magic of theatre and develop teamwork, social skills, self-esteem and confidence

The Tutor for the programme is Mags Delaney, The PumpHouse Theatre’s resident drama teacher, who has a background in primary education and theatre both here and in the UK.

Join us from 9:15 am – 3:00 pm daily. There will be two different weeks with different themes, you are welcome to join as many days in both weeks:

Fairy Poster

Week 1: 14th – 19th January

ThemeHappily Ever After?  – some familiar tales … with a twist ….

Princesses, dragons, fairies, bears, pigs and wolves etc but not as you usually hear about them.

Around the World Poster

Week 2: 21st – 25th January

ThemeAround the World in (less than) 80 Tales!

A world tour in stories. Travelling across the globe with stories from the five continents …

Cost is $50 per child per day. To book your child onto the programme, book online here or call The PumpHouse Box Office on 09 489 8360.

Discover our Swelteringly-Hot Christmas Shows

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your… no!

That’s not how we celebrate Christmas here! It’s sometimes difficult to get into the true festive spirit in the scorching summer, so instead, why not try some of the swelteringly-hot Christmas shows we’ve got lined up for you:

Christmas Carols, 15 Dec at 5:00pm. $5 entry.

Join us again for Christmas Carols in The PumpHouse Amphitheatre! The PumpHouse Community Choir and North Shore Chorale will be performing everyone’s favourite Christmas songs which the audience can to sing along to.


A Very Merry Kiwimas, 17-22 Dec.

What makes a Kiwi Christmas special? Is it the beach? The barbeques? How will Santa cope in the 30-degree heat of a New Zealand summer? Find out in this hilarious family show.


A Christmas Carol, 20-21 Dec at 8:00pm.

A performed reading of the classic Christmas fable by Charles Dickens. Follow the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future as they lead the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge on a journey of transformation and redemption.



So whether you’re looking for a family-fun adventure with Santa or a Christmas Classic with Scrooge, your local theatre has you covered!

When you see injustice in the world, does it compel you to make a difference? It did for Rachel Corrie.

My Name is Rachel Corrie is an award-winning one-woman verbatim-style script, constructed from the diary entries and letters of 23-year old American activist, Rachel Corrie.

Rachel was a member of the International Solidarity Movement, which travelled to the Gaza Strip to help protect Palestinian homes from being destroyed by the Israeli Army. She was killed by an Israeli bulldozer in 2003.

She was just 23 years old. What made a young woman leave her comfortable existence to fight for the rights of strangers in a war zone? Through Rachel’s words we are invited to confront the universal questions: How do we find our path in life? What impact do our actions have on others? and How can one individual change the world for the better? Written by Rachel Corrie.

The incident caused international scandal, and was further scrutinised through the media and courts. The play was jointly edited by actor Alan Rickman and journalist Katherine Viner, and was first performed at the Royal Court Theatre in London in 2005. It has since been performed around the world to critical acclaim and has been translated into over a dozen languages.

We love this play because it lets loose the voice of a vibrant and intelligent young protagonist. But what made her act so dramatically on this desire – to leave a comfortable life to fight for the rights of strangers in a war zone? Was she running away from, or towards her responsibilities? Was she a hero, or simply naïve? As the play unfurls, Rachel’s words reveal a thrilling and intimate story of a passionate female with a fire in her belly.

Creative Team:

Director – Alexandra Whitham

Performer – Phoebe Borwick

Production Design – Poppy Serano

Sound & Lighting Design – Anna Bennington

Costume Design – Joan James

Producer – Rebekah Dack

Co-edited by actor/ director Alan Rickman, and journalist Katharine Vine

My Name is Rachel Corrie will be performed in the Coal Bunker Studio from 7th – 9th December. Book Tickets here.


Join the conversation.

On Saturday 8 December at 3.30pm there will be a kōrero following the matinee performance. Four female speakers from backgrounds in different areas of activism in Auckland will join cast and crew for a conversation around what it means to be an activist in Aotearoa in 2018.

You are warmly invited to join us for this conversation. This is a free event.

Our Discussion panelists are:

Janfrie Wakim – Human right’s activist, core member of the Child Poverty Action Group and writer.

Margaret Taylor – Activism Manager at Amnesty International.

Gabriella Brayne – Youth coordinator at Auckland Women’s Centre.

Teresa Lee – UN Youth NZ


TORO PIKOPIKO PUPPETS present the world’s first Māori Rock-Art Puppet Production. Jeffrey Addison (Ngai Tahu) and Whaitaima Te Whare (Ngati Tuwharetoa) are a dynamic performance duo with 22 years’ experience creating television programs for children and touring live puppet shows. THE FLIGHT- TE RERENGA will be their most stunning, interactive and fun show they have ever made.

THE FLIGHT – TE RERENGA is an acoustic rock musical, featuring 100 fabulous ‘Flatso’ puppets inspired from ancient cave drawings made on Limestone cliffs and caves around the Timaru district. The show re-tells a Ngai Tahu legend about Pourangahua the Birdman and his epic flight to Aotearoa in search of his own kind. The Birdman flies from cave to cave, meeting a host of colourful characters including Bats, Creepy Crawlies, Moa, Pouakai Eagles, Human Bird Hunters and their Dogs – intent on making Pourangahua their next meal.THE FLIGHT – TE RERENGA is a forty-five-minute show, with 8 catchy original songs written especially for years 1 – 8 primary school children. This engaging production takes its audience back in time hundreds of years where they help animate a multitude of rock art puppets who meet up with the Birdman, while she is searching for her whanau. Children both watch and learn about our cultural heritage by taking part in this historic awakening of prehistoric rock art figures that have previously been fixed images on cliff walls and cave ceilings.

With research and development funding from Creative NZ, THE FLIGHT – TE RERENGA is a result of a collaboration with the staff of Te Ana Māori Rock Art Centre in Timaru. Their aim is to increase the appreciation and awareness of indigenous Rock Art among the nation’s children, so that they may value and help protect these vulnerable national treasures in the future.

Book your tickets here!
Tues – Thus, 4 – 6 Dec.
The PumpHouse Theatre.

New Theatre in Mandarin Chinese.

I-Start Chinese Theatre is a local theatre company with a unique perspective, creating works in Mandarin Chinese. There is definitely an appetite and space for these diverse offerings in Auckland and we welcome performances that can break the barriers of language and celebrate their own rich literature.

They present two shows at The PumpHouse Theatre this November. Both shows have intriguing storylines and themes, so don’t miss out!

Dial M For Murder Poster

Dial M for Murder, 电话谋杀案 20 – 21 Nov


‘Dial M For Murder’ is a classic thriller by Alfred Hitchcock. Now it is rewritten by I-start as a Chinese thriller story in Shanghai. The husband plans to murder his wife after he found out she has an affair. But the things didn’t go as he has planned, what will happen next??? This play will test your intelligence and your nervousness!

Book Tickets.

Love Retreat PosterLove Retreat, 配 · 爱 23 – 25 Nov

In the near future, most of women prefer to enjoy their own life instead of getting married and being a mother. But this has put the nation in population crisis….An unusual story! A Controversial theme! 这是一部荒诞又现实的话剧,故事发生在未来,却又都发生在我们的身边,这是一部关于爱情、婚姻、科技、人性选择的话剧,也许在这部剧中,你会看到你自己…

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“The only thing I like is teaching, and there’s less and less of that”.

Kings of the Gym by Dave Armstrong

A classic and outrageous New Zealand comedy from the renowned Tadpole Theatre Productions, is directed by Janice Finn and will be performed at the PumpHouse Theatre in Takapuna from 8th to 18th November.

“The only thing I like is teaching, and there’s less and less of that”. So says overweight and unfit Head PE teacher Laurie, at low decile school Hautapu High. Fed up with the constant assessments and obsessive box ticking set up by ultra PC headmistress Viv Cleaver, he and his assistant Pat, a former student, now gym teacher, do their best to subvert Viv’s over-earnest, te reo heavy curriculum.  They’re unaware that Viv is about to introduce young Maori student teacher, Annie, into their laissez-faire culture.  She is an ace netball player, a born-again Christian and determined to make her mark in the new school culture. The ensuing conflict is both wonderfully funny and affecting as people’s strongly held beliefs are challenged, serious truths are exposed, and love has a way of upsetting all apple carts!

Played by Paul Glover, Louise Wallace, Alexander Walker and Valeria Davis, the dysfunctional team of teachers embody people we all know – love them or despair of them!  Dave Armstrong is an award winning playwright (Niu Sila, King and Country) and television writer (Spin Doctors, Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby) and Kings of the Gym is a play full of satire, rude innuendo, belly laughs and heart.

An ideal show to get your friends together for a great night out, a block booking or a pre-Christmas office celebration.


Meet the Cast and Crew

Janice Finn – Director

Janice’s first career was as an actress in New Zealand and Australia.   She played major stage roles in both countries and became a company member in the early days of the Sydney Theatre Company before returning to New Zealand to train as a television director/producer with the classic soap GLOSS being her first foray into producing.  During the following decades she took time out occasionally to direct plays in Dunedin, Palmerston North and Auckland, including three plays at the Auckland Theatre Company, the most recent being Roger Hall’s “You Can Always Hand Them Back”.  For Tadpole Productions Janice has directed “Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks”, “Social Climbers”, “The Pink Hammer”, “Two” and “The Book Club” and is very happy to be adding Dave Armstrong’s comedy “Kings of the Gym” to the line-up.  Old school methods of teaching clashing with new methods is a great basis for entertainment and this terrific cast excel themselves as a bunch of disparate teachers pushing conflicting ideologies.

Paul Glover – Laurie

Paul Glover has been a regular in film, television and on stage since the early 90s. His film career includes The UglyThe Fall Guys, The Locals, Blood Crime and Fracture and award winning movie ‘Out Of The Blue’, based on the true story of the Aramoana massacre. On TV Paul played Salvius in the TV series Spartacus: Vengeance, the AMC recreation of the Al Capone story ‘Making of the Mob2′ and many years after playing Dylan Preston on the long running Shortland Street, Paul returned to SPP to shoot 800 Words.

Stage highlights include ‘Beautiful Losers’ and Richard with the formidably talented cast of the Kila Kokonut Krew created musical The Factory, a show which moved many audiences to ovation around Australia and at the Edinburgh Fringe. Auckland Theatre Co highlights include In The Next Room (Or The Vibrator Play), Cat On A Hot Tin Roof the Henrik Ibsen classic ‘A Doll’s House’ and the Michael Hurst inspired racy adaptation of the classic ‘Lysistrata’ in 2015. For Tadpole Productions, Paul has starred in Same Time Next Year, The Pink Hammer and Two. 

Louise Wallace – Viv         

Louise trained at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London, but it is her over thirty year career in television for which she is best known. Presenting credits include Celebrity Treasure Island, Shock Treatment, Top of the Class,  So You Want to be a Pop Star, The Weakest Link, 3News, Mobil Sport, 60 Minutes and 20/20. Louise’s TV appearances have included Shortland Street, The Jono and Ben Show, The Real Housewives of Auckland, a regular panellist on The AM Show, as core cast in the 4 seasons of successful drama, Street Legal and guest lead in The Brokenwood Mysteries. Louise has been a talkback host on Radio Live and reported for Health Matters on National Radio. Directing credits include the 2013 theatre production of Driving Miss Daisy and for television, World’s Strictest Parents, Celebrity Treasure Island, Dancing with the Stars and The Apprentice. In 2012 she co-founded Tadpole Theatre Productions and has starred in The Lion in Winter, Social Climbers and The Pink Hammer.

Alexander Walker – Pat 

Alex graduated from UNITEC’s Performing and Screen Arts programme in 2011 and has since performed at venues around the country, including the Court Theatre, the Fortune Theatre and Rotorua’s Blue Baths. He is excited to return to the Pumphouse, where he previously appeared in Tadpole Productions’ Lion In Winter in 2012. He has made recent television appearances in The Cul De Sac, When We Go To War and Power Rangers. Alex is also a keen motorcyclist and rock drummer and a proud member of Actors Equity NZ. After having performed in the Court Theatre season of Kings of the Gym in 2013, Alex is reprising the role of Pat.

Valeria Davis – Annie

Valeria is a recent graduate of Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School with a Bachelor of Performing Arts (Acting). She has since travelled to Los Angeles where she trained under the guidance of film maker and acting coach of The Technique; Joan Sheckel.  She has also been strongly influenced by her training with international voice coach Patsy Rodenburg. Her previous theatre credits include Mother Courage, Dying for It and Like Sex. Valeria is looking forward to her first major production with Tadpole Productions.


Click here to book your tickets! Opens Nov 8th, preview Nov 7th (limited seating).

Join Our Bohemian Rhapsody Fundraiser!

We’re thrilled to be hosting a premiere screening of the new movie Bohemian Rhapsody on Thursday, 1 November 2018 at Bridgeway Cinemas in Northcote.

Your $25 ticket includes the movie and pre-show nibbles and a drink. Funds raised from tickets sales support The PumpHouse Theatre’s goal of being an inclusive and affordable performing arts venue for everyone.

Bohemian Rhapsody is a foot-stomping celebration of Queen, their music and their extraordinary lead singer Freddie Mercury.

The film traces the meteoric rise of the band through their iconic songs and revolutionary sound. They reach unparalleled success, but in an unexpected turn Freddie, surrounded by darker influences, shuns Queen in pursuit of his solo career.

Having suffered greatly without the collaboration of Queen, Freddie manages to reunite with his bandmates just in time for Live Aid. While bravely facing a recent AIDS diagnosis, Freddie leads the band in one of the greatest performances in the history of rock music.

Queen cements a legacy that continues to inspire outsiders, dreamers and music lovers to this day.

Book Now

The details:
Date: Thursday, 1 November 2018
Time: Drinks and Nibbles from 5:30 pm, Movie starts at 6:15 pm
Location: The movie is screening at Bridgeway Cinemas, 122 Queen Street, Northcote Point, Auckland
Note: We can’t do door sales – so book your ticket now!

“Severe propriety surrenders to decadent delight.”

A new romantic comedy set in Victorian Era Auckland.

Penelope Williams has been sent to her now home, Alberton, in Mt Albert to become Mrs Jonathan Alexander. The only person to accompany her on her new life is George, her family’s trusted butler. Unknown to Jonathan, Penelope’s heart belongs to someone else, Richard, her mysterious piano tutor, who sadly she thinks she’ll never see again.

Unknown to Penelope, Jonathan too has a secret, one which keeps him graded and cold. A secret that keeps himself and Penelope apart. What will happen if Penelope finds out about Jonathan? Will Richard ever return to Penelope? Even then, when all scandals are revealed- how will they ever find a way to live in the repressive age of their time? Perhaps they will all live in solitary unhappiness… or will a little mysterious magic unlock the window and set them all free?

The Scandalous Four opens this Wednesday, 17th October.
Book Tickets from $20.

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