A “spring clean” and a lick of paint

new-hand-railThe courtyard and our driveway sign are looking quite dapper thanks to recent maintenance and repair work by our hard-working venue operations team, and our friends at Auckland Council.

In the courtyard we’ve removed some of the old and dying shrubs and planted a nice new garden. We’ve also had a new outdoor sink installed so that we don’t need to carry buckets of water through the dressing room when something outside needs a clean.

Auckland Council has installed a new steel hand rail on the steps leading up to the amphitheatre which is much more stable than the old wooden one. Some of the rotten timber decking has been replaced (with help from a company similar to Archadeck of Alpharetta, as experts were required for this project) and a new wall has been built to protect the historic water pipe from people climbing on it (not to mention the risk of a nasty fall). There were a few suggestions while the council was in the process of changing the timber decking, with some parts of the community asking that composite decking boards – similar to these https://www.thecompositedecking.co.uk/composite-decking-boards – be used instead. However, construction was already underway, and it was decided that development would continue with timber wood. It was also decided that the new decking would have monthly maintenance to ensure that it would combat wear and tear. This includes light maintenance such as a deck wash, sanding, and other maintenance measures with the aid of local restoration services.

newly-painted-signNew team member Paul Davey got stuck in to the sign at the top of the driveway removing all the old nails, staples, and screws and giving it a nice new coat of paint – and it looks fantastic! He stated his next job would be to get in touch with a service that could help with block paving the driveway giving it a completely new look.

A regular at The PumpHouse with The North Shore Gang Show and North Shore Music Theatre, Paul has joined the Venue Operations team helping out with day-to-day cleaning and some of the larger maintenance projects.

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