13 Ways To Get Your Creative Fix (When So Many Things Are Cancelled!)


1. Attend our Creative Talk with Terry Hooper next Monday 7 March at 7 pm! Creative Talks are free, and you will get to hear the expertise and passions of theatre practitioner, Terry Hooper, and all about his life in the arts. RSVP on our website is required.

2. Head to your local library and grab a few plays to read. Or if reading isn’t your vibe – you can always rent movies from your library!

3. Watch plays online! The National Theatre is a great place to start streaming incredible plays.

4. Have a picnic outside The PumpHouse Theatre (the MOST serene spot!) and bring a camera along to snap some beautiful shots. Post them on social media and tag us – @thepumphousetheatre (Instagram) @thepumphouse (Facebook).

5. Go for a walk in nature! Invigorate your creative mind and explore nature around you. Try to do some ‘Forest Bathing’. Find different types of objects (smooth, rough, prickly, big, small, etc) or look for something with the same characteristic (like various rocks). You could even collect things to do some crafts with!


6. Redecorate a room – a lot of us are having to spend more time at home, and it is amazing what a bit of a refresh can do for the mind. Op shops and Kmart have brilliant, affordable things to zhuzh up your home and get creative!

7. Indulge in a dance party! This is always a hit, especially with kids. Put on some of your favourite tunes, and get the body moving. The best thing about doing it at home, is usually no one is watching ????

8. Write a script or a novel! We all have stories to tell.

9. Make a short film – most of us have pretty decent cameras on our phones these days. And if you’re particularly proud of it – upload it to YouTube… you never know who may see it!

10. Experience a night of paranormal activity at The PumpHouse with Haunted Auckland! Find out more here.

11. Enjoy the beautiful music of Beethoven & Schubert with Orchestra Auckland & Xing Wang at St George’s Church, Takapuna at the end of March. More info here.

12. Learn Te Reo Māori online – a quick google search will bring up a lot of helpful websites to start you on your journey to learn this beautiful language. Check out this brilliant resource list from The Spinoff here.

13. Keep engaged with your local theatres – even though so much is getting cancelled and postponed, we ARE still here and we WILL prevail through these tough times. Theatre will not die.

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