Five Free Ways You Can Support Us

Small businesses are the backbone of our community – in particular arts and culture hubs like The PumpHouse Theatre. Without our wonderful, dedicated community, we would not exist. And without theatre, art, and culture – what would life be?! We hate to think.

There are many ways in which you can support us as a small business. Here are five FREE ways you can ensure we not only survive but thrive, plus one bonus way you can support us which will only cost you 66c a week!

  1. Sign Up For Our Fortnightly Newsletter! Not only will you be the first to know about new shows and events, but you’ll also get updated on the exciting day-to-day life of our theatre, be treated to nostalgic stories of the history of our building, and be in to win tickets to shows. You can sign up to our newsletter here
  2. TripAdvisor Review: Reviews help us out immensely – especially for people who don’t visit Takapuna often! Let people from far and wide know why they can’t visit Takapuna without a trip to The PumpHouse here
  3. Google Maps Review: You can also review us on Google Maps! People want to know they can trust they’ll have a good time before visiting a place, so share your thoughts and five-star reviews here
  4. Follow Us On Facebook! We have a pretty loyal following on good ol’ Facebook – and why wouldn’t we!? This is the first place we announce upcoming shows, plus we share lots of other fun theatre-related things too. Join the Facebook fun here
  5. Like Us On The ‘Gram! Yes, we are even cool enough to have an Instagram (not quite cool enough for TikTok yet – but watch this space ????). We sometimes have cast and crew takeovers which prove to be a lot of fun for viewers and a great sneak peek into the backstage shenanigans of our theatre. Like us here
  6. Be Our Friend! I mean, we are all already friends right?! But imagine being our friend AND benefiting from discounted tickets, regular competitions, and invitations to VIP events – now that sounds like the best kind of friendship! For just 66c a week you can support us (or even less if you’re a student/senior!) Find out more about our membership program here

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