Drama in the Community

Written by Mags Delaney-Moffatt

As part of my community engagement programme I love being asked to go out to schools to help them to access performance or just to experience the wonderful world of drama.

This year has been a little different as I have been privileged to work with a fabulous group of people whose school days were a while ago. The Northbridge Village Theatre Group was set up by residents who enjoy theatre.

I was invited first of all to go speak about The PumpHouse and it’s history and talking about the work I do as part of Shakespeare in a Week I was asked back to do some ‘drama’ with the group.

First we tackled some Shakespeare in the form of the Witches scene from the Scottish Play. We worked the words into a soundscape which was really atmospheric and ethereal. It was such a fun experience that the group asked if they could do more.

So I reached into my scripts bag and brought out my version of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol (which was performed here at The PumpHouse on three occasions pre COVID).

It was decided to perform as a ‘staged reading’ – with hats for different characters and sound effects.

The group were cast by invitation and ‘volunteering’ – some people took on two or three parts. We even had a dedicated ‘sound effects’ person, Ira, who was in charge of the rattling chains and the dinging bells. The group thoroughly enjoyed the experience and and want to do more next year.

Drama is such a powerful tool – it brings people together as well as building confidence and esteem – that’s why I love it so much! I am hoping to get out and about in the community again next year – happy to be invited to come and work with your group.

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