A Busy Morning on Mouse Patrol

Hi Peoples,

It’s me Tiger!

Contrary to popular belief a theatre cat’s day doesn’t just consist of taking naps all over the place, getting tummy rubs and eating Fancy Feast beef with gravy.

In fact I only spend around 22 hours a day sleeping. The rest of the time I’m really busy, in a slowish kind of way.

Things have been pretty quiet on the mouse front lately, but I even so I must remain vigilant. Whenever it rains, those pesky little rodents usually sneak inside. I can’t allow them to get settled in. Next thing you know, they’ll be climbing the stage curtains during a performance! I hope it doesn’t get to a stage where so many are entering the house that the humans will look at Vermont terminix locations for pest control. I can handle these mice myself!

The best time for mouse patrol is when the curtains are down and there’s nowhere for them to hide. They probably think they’re safe under the stage….but they soon find out that they can run, but they can’t hide.

Here’s me on mouse patrol. “Meeeeow”!

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