Terms and Conditions of Bookings and Payment for School and Early Education Groups

In the first instance seats may be booked provisionally via the web booking enquiry form.

Numbers may be increased or decreased up until the deposit due date.

Initial invoice will be based on provisional booking.

Deposit and booking service fee must be paid by the due date specified on the invoice.

Balance of payment must be made by the due date specified within the invoice template which has been sent.

The booking and number of seats are deemed confirmed upon payment of deposit.

If deposit is not received by the due date the provisionally booked seats will be released for sale.

The full amount of the balance as specified on the invoice is due one week before the date of the performance and regardless of how many of the group are unable to come on the day. e.g if a child is ill and can’t come, the seat must still be paid for.

After all school groups have paid (one week before the date of performance) all remaining available seats will be released to the public and will be sold at full price.

IMPORTANT: Please be certain of the number of seats required BEFORE deposit is paid. Once deposit has been paid the booking will be deemed a financial commitment to the entire booking and the remaining balance owed. Bookings will not be refunded either in full or in part once payments have been made.

The balance of payment must be made in full prior to the group’s admission into the venue.

Groups will not be admitted unless full payment has been made.

Payments must be made in two transactions – deposit and balance.

Payments may be made by the following methods – Cheque (made out to The PumpHouse),
Mastercard, Visa or Direct Deposit into the bank account as per invoice.

If paying by Direct Credit, The PumpHouse must receive remittance advice/notification of the date that the payment was made and the amount paid for both deposit and balance of payment and any other subsequent payments made via Direct Credit. The PumpHouse must receive remittance advice/notification of Direct Credit payment before the group arrives at The PumpHouse for the performance.

Remittance advice/notification of payment specifying date and amount must be emailed to info@pumphouse.co.nz

If The PumpHouse has not received notification of Direct Credit payment before a group arrives for a performance the group may not be admitted into the venue.

The PumpHouse will not sell discount priced school seats to individuals during Education Season; e.g, to parents wishing to bring other family members along with school or pre-school groups.

If parents/other family members wish to come as part of the group they must request seats via the person in charge of making the original booking at the school or Early Ed. Centre and not from The PumpHouse booking office.

All children who are walking, including toddlers, must have a paid-for seat. Only babes in arms are free. Toddlers are expected to sit in their own seats and not on the laps of adults.

Every effort will be made to seat groups together in the same section of the theatre however due to the ‘general admission’ status of discounted seats this may not always be possible. If your group is the first to arrive at the theatre and notify the ushers that you need to sit in a block, you will more than likely be all seated together.

Payment of deposit constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Bookings and Payment for School and Early Education Groups.