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Dates and times

Saturday 26th Feb to Sunday 27th Feb 2022
10:00 am to 5:00 pm


PumpHouse Education


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???? To attend a workshop at The PumpHouse Theatre you must be able to show your vaccine pass on arrival. You will also be encouraged to wear a face mask.

This is an introductory 2-day workshop for those interested in learning Lighting and Sound for theatre but could be applied to professional work, including film and setting up music concerts, etc. It will consist of a mixture of theory and hands-on experience.

It will provide the solid basics of theatre tech, which can then be then expanded upon by helping in amateur theatre, school, church, etc.

It is run by four theatre techs that have been doing lighting and sound for many years.

Course Overview

Types of lights, smoke machines, lighting boards, patching, dimmers, LED lights, moving lights, cue programs, basic lighting design, cables, speakers, amps, audio mixers, microphones.

Hands-On work:
Rigging lights (including LEDs), gelling lights to get different colours, focussing lights on stage, putting light levels up and down, and programming in a scene with a lighting board.

Plugging in speakers, running, securing, and coiling cables, playing sound samples from a laptop, and setting levels on a sound mixer.
House, Safety, Emergency and Backstage Lights, Extractor Fans/Air Conditioning, Heaters, Backstage Audio Monitors, RTs (Walkie-Talkies), and Pumphouse comms system.

Other theory:
General safety- overview of WorkSafe rules, rigging from the catwalk in a harness- overview of WorkSafe courses, working outside – The Pumphouse Amphitheatre, fault finding and fixing, teamwork, pyrotechnics- getting a license etc.