“Severe propriety surrenders to decadent delight.”

A new romantic comedy set in Victorian Era Auckland.

Penelope Williams has been sent to her now home, Alberton, in Mt Albert to become Mrs Jonathan Alexander. The only person to accompany her on her new life is George, her family’s trusted butler. Unknown to Jonathan, Penelope’s heart belongs to someone else, Richard, her mysterious piano tutor, who sadly she thinks she’ll never see again.

Unknown to Penelope, Jonathan too has a secret, one which keeps him graded and cold. A secret that keeps himself and Penelope apart. What will happen if Penelope finds out about Jonathan? Will Richard ever return to Penelope? Even then, when all scandals are revealed- how will they ever find a way to live in the repressive age of their time? Perhaps they will all live in solitary unhappiness… or will a little mysterious magic unlock the window and set them all free?

The Scandalous Four opens this Wednesday, 17th October.
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