Why we are a Vaccine Only Venue

Our theatre, like many others around the world, got into a pretty dire position when Covid hit our shores. The entertainment industry is one of the first to close its doors when a lockdown hits, and one of the last to be able to open back up. Theatres thrive off groups of people gathering together to have the shared experience of the magic of storytelling.

The PumpHouse Theatre prides itself on being a safe, healthy venue for visitors. We are over the moon that we are able to open our doors once again, but the only way we can remain open and operational for the foreseeable future is by following the Government’s Covid-19 Protection Framework guidelines as a “vaccine only” venue. It simply wouldn’t be economically possible to hold events with the restrictions placed on events where unvaccinated people may attend.

We acknowledge that there are many differing opinions on this subject, however, we are happy with our decision to keep the community safe in our space. We thank you for your understanding!

We’ll follow Government guidelines as they change, and look forward to entertaining our wonderful community with a wide variety of shows and events in 2022!

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