Badjelly The Witch on Stage for School Holidays

Auckland’s leading children’s theatre company, Tim Bray Productions presents Spike Milligan’s all-time favourite story Badjelly The Witch!

Millions of children worldwide have grown up with the story of Tim and Rose’s madcap adventure through the great black forest and into Badjelly’s castle, and in New Zealand it regularly featured on morning radio with the album selling more than 40,000 copies and achieving double platinum status.

Originally written by Milligan for his children, it was adapted for the stage by Tim Bray, QSM in 2010 and returned in 2016.

“We’re delighted to be bringing it back again for 2018 due to popular demand,” says Tim Bray. “This is a classic piece of theatre – and the adults enjoy it as much as the children.”

Badjelly, Tim Bray Productions

Badjelly, Tim Bray Productions, Pumphouse Theatre, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand, Friday, July 01, 2016. Photo: David Rowland /

The show features The Goons’ ‘Ying Tong’ song along with Monty Pythonesque comedy and Tim hopes audiences will once again join in the fun and cheer as Tim and Rose set off to search for their beloved lost cow Lucy, laugh with the enchanted characters Dinglemouse, Mud-wiggle and Binkle-bonk, and boo at Badjelly when she captures Tim and Rose and threatens to turn them into sausages.

Well-known Tim Bray Productions’ actor Tim Raby reprises his role as Badjelly, with Jessica Hunt as Rose, Jacob Dale as Tim, Donogh Rees as Dinglemouse (and other roles), Dylan Underwood as Mud-wiggle (and other roles), and Jeff Szusterman and Charlotte Heath playing a variety of roles. Music will be performed live by Nick Garrett.

Children are encouraged to dress up as a character from the show for the onstage Costume Parade at the gala and every school holiday season performance.

Badjelly runs from Saturday 22 September to Saturday 13 October. Book Tickets Today!.

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