New Theatre in Mandarin Chinese.

I-Start Chinese Theatre is a local theatre company with a unique perspective, creating works in Mandarin Chinese. There is definitely an appetite and space for these diverse offerings in Auckland and we welcome performances that can break the barriers of language and celebrate their own rich literature.

They present two shows at The PumpHouse Theatre this November. Both shows have intriguing storylines and themes, so don’t miss out!

Dial M For Murder Poster

Dial M for Murder, 电话谋杀案 20 – 21 Nov


‘Dial M For Murder’ is a classic thriller by Alfred Hitchcock. Now it is rewritten by I-start as a Chinese thriller story in Shanghai. The husband plans to murder his wife after he found out she has an affair. But the things didn’t go as he has planned, what will happen next??? This play will test your intelligence and your nervousness!

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Love Retreat PosterLove Retreat, 配 · 爱 23 – 25 Nov

In the near future, most of women prefer to enjoy their own life instead of getting married and being a mother. But this has put the nation in population crisis….An unusual story! A Controversial theme! 这是一部荒诞又现实的话剧,故事发生在未来,却又都发生在我们的身边,这是一部关于爱情、婚姻、科技、人性选择的话剧,也许在这部剧中,你会看到你自己…

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