A Day In The Life Of Our PumpHouse Staff – Sofie Gabriel

Introducing Sofie, who is part of our wonderful Box Office team! Sofie is an actor, singer, drama teacher and all round lovely creative soul. Get to know more about Sofie below.

Tell us five random facts about yourself:


  • My family on my Dad’s side is from Greece.
  • I’ve eaten a spider before for a bet when I was younger.
  • My favourite food is olives (though this won’t be a surprise to close friends and family).
  • I opera sing every now and then.
  • One of my first celebrity crushes was the actor who played Sirius Black in Harry Potter.


How did you come to work at The PumpHouse Theatre?

A friend knew I was looking for a job and sent me through an advertisement for Box Office! I love The PumpHouse having performed there a couple times, so decided to go for it!

What did you study and has it helped you in the role?

I studied Drama and English at university, but only for a short time. It certainly has helped in terms of learning about the world of theatre and also set me up with time management and organisation.

When did you start getting involved in the performing arts?

My parents forced me to audition for a theatre show nearly three years ago now, and even though I was the most nervous I’ve ever been I got a role and haven’t looked back! Crazy to think how different life would be if I hadn’t been pushed into the car that afternoon to drive to the audition! Before that though, I had done lots of theatre at school and dance as well.

What do you like about working here?

The people, the building and location. Gosh, it’s the most beautiful place to work! Being surrounded by art and people enthusiastic about theatre is a joy!

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done in your job recently?

I helped an evacuation after a fire alarm went off just before a show! It wasn’t fun, but was certainly adrenaline filled.

What time do you wake up in the mornings?

Really early sadly. About 6 am, 7 am on a good day. I am getting better though at training myself to sleep just a little longer in the morning.

What do you do behind the scenes that people don’t know?

Some people know, but I am currently having singing training with a fabulous teacher. I am working hard to get into musical theatre!

What do you get up to after hours?

Every spare moment alone at home I get, I am singing and rehearsing my songs. Otherwise I am hanging with friends, going to the movies or long drives and spending time with family.

What do you get up to on your lunch breaks?

I usually take my lunch down to the lake edge and watch the goings on and people watch. It’s proving a bit hard in the winter time, but the view from inside my car facing the lake is just as good!

What’s your all-time favourite show?

I adored Lysistrata when I saw it a few years ago starring Amanda Billing. I have never enjoyed a show so much, and would be something I would love to be a part of in future.

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